Friday, June 05, 2009

Eternal brides maid

I recently watched this flick "27 Dresses". I know i should have seen it eons ago, but never got around to it. May be because i hate Katherine heigl and James Marsden alike. Then, i finally got to see it wen it came on TV for the 50th time or so, and when i ran out of excuses to see it.
And when i saw it, Oh boy.. That girl is so me!
I have been bride's maid to almost everyone of my friend's wedding(well, not literally as many of them are not christians and all, but still in principle, yes, i was.) A long list from Di, Sony, F'sha, Kads, Nisha.........( not 27, still a very big list). Only H remains unwed now. [Dear H, please HOLD ON!!]
I love weddings and everything associated with it. The people, new clothes, accessories, dressing up, girl time, dress rehersals, shopping, fabulous food, the ceremony, the tears, hugs, laughter, wedding jitters, happy faces.... everything!
I don know how many of you do it, but i look at the groom's face when i see the bride entering. When ever every one in my company starts oohing the dress and the ornaments, i stare ahead at the poor bastard, who is looking at the rest of his life. Its awesome. Yes, i am a hopeless romantic.
And i am not even begining on crazy crushes on people who see me as the wallpaper. Been there. A lot of times.
NOW, all i need is the happy ending.


nemo said...

watch coraline. If possible :)

smalltown_girl said...

why wud i watch it? :-s related to me? and its not released yet in india.

Nemo said...

download DVDrip's,dont tell me you don't watch downloaded one's.

smalltown_girl said...

jeez u r impossible!
shuuu shuu
i am against piracy!

Nikita said...

aww.. that's happening to me too. All my friends are getting married and having babies, while I am... having beer maybe. Hah!

chembz said...

luks lyk someone really wants to get married...:D

smalltown_girl said...

i want love, not marriage.
dont tell unni!