Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Moment of truth

Every one knows moment of truth, or Sach ka saamna, and first and foremost, this is one show i DON'T watch. But i do see the trailers in Star world (or my Alma mater, as dad says) and i wonder why people who has things to hide go on live TV to blurt those out (i have doubts about the whole series.).
So, i was thinking, if i went, i would be going almost to the end, as there are only a few secrets in my life, which are, to be frank, embarrassments only.
Then i thought of this question:

Have to ever wanted to murder your parents in slow and excruciating detail, so that you will be out of their annoying presence in your life?



Rajlakshmi said...

now now why would you ever think like that :P

Ramanathan Kannan said...

Sometimes I do think like that... Guilty.

Karan said...

eeh, what was that??

chembz said...

wat age were yu wen yu had dat thot de last tym?

smalltown_girl said...

@RL: oh there comes a point where you simply cant coexist with your parents and in very very psychotic moments you do think this.

@RK: i get you man!

@Karan:crazy life. patricide and matricide.

@Chembz: Last week i think.

survivingbrain said...

yes, I see them trailers, and I find it all stupid, and I find the drama and the music accompanying it very suspicious.

Its all about the money, i guess. The questions are mostly based of cheating or having sex, sensational stuff only to get more ratings. And the best lie detectors will rely upon many inputs, from different parts of the body (yes, i design machines like these) and process it to come to a conclusion. And I have not seen much wires out of the body of the guy under the scanner.. its all just a pre set show, with pre set questions, and pre set agreements which includes huge money.

Just like the realty shows we have in TV. every one thinks its all about the SMSs. The guys who have participated, knows. Just get a copy of the agreement documents these guys have to sign, and you will know what i mean.

As per the post.. never mind. :P:P

If they had a real lie detector, i will never dare even attend the show :):)

Adee said...

tch tch tch!
ghor kaljug baba, ghor kaljug!!!