Sunday, February 07, 2010

Let Love Light Our Way

February is the month of Love. Of happiness. Of stopping by the road to enjoy the beauty of a flower. Of gifts and i-love-you's. Of planning and sneaking off. Of Red. Of Love, glorious and cheap.
Its also the month of loneliness. Of broken hearts. Of living in the past. Of looking out for future unknown. Of Hope.
And in love, we believe. And let love light our way.

(NB: Picture is of the lamp lighted at my home every evening, like most other malllu homes. For prayer. This was taken on a power cut night when it was our only source of light and amusement.)


Rajlakshmi said...

hope you have lovely time this month ;)
yes let the light our way :)

Nikita said...

yeah this is a month full of emotions that are sometimes blisfully sweet and at others intensely gloomy. But they are beautiful, nonetheless. hope you have a beauftiful month :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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smalltown_girl said...

@Rajlakshmi: its not coming my way it seems :(

@Nikita: :) thanks. have a nice time, u!

@ Anon: Thats the best compliment i got this month.