Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The temporary madness called Love.

"Oh you are getting married."

"Well, not now, but eventually. They just found the girl. There are millions of stuff now na?"

"Oh. Good. Very good. Good for you. Awesome. Good. Really. Bye"

She disconnected the phone to the spluttering sounds He was making.

Well, that was unexpected, she thought. Not entirely, they always knew this. That what they had would never work out. There were just too many hurdles to jump.

It was just sex. Always. Good sex, mind you. Mind blowing. She tried to concentrate on that. The cuddling and the I-love-yous were all part of sex. The knowing smiles, the inside jokes, the silly fights, the bigger and easier make ups, it was all sex. Yes. It was.

She felt like hearing songs. Sad ones. They were more enjoyable. Thats why. Not because they make her sad. Not at all. Soft music is good for ears.

They were never friends in the true sense of the word. They both had different circles. Rather strong ones too. He had far too many female friends, she thought. She hated every single one of them. And told him so too. It was another joke. The acting jealous joke. She was acting. Yes. She was.

She drank another sip from the tea cup. The flavor was not registering with her. He never drank tea or coffee or any beverages. It was always juices when they went out. She always found it rather boyish. And that somehow made her smile now.

How it all began? They were both very busy, very career minded, living life to the fullest individuals. When they met, they both knew they liked each other and they were lonely and love-deprived. They knew they had immense potential together, they could bridge the emptiness that was was in their hearts and nothing serious or long term will never come off it. two states, to cultures, too families that will never meet and mingle. It was just oil and water.
So it was all an act from beginning. The flirting, the in-love talks, the hugs that lingered, prolonged handshakes.. Then on a mutual whim they decided that they were going to be lovers. In every sense. Without love or commitment. Anyone can get out anytime. Without hard feelings. And something like that.
It was awesome. The IMs in office hours and long phone calls to midnight, later parties and rented hotel rooms. It was simply awesome. There were no friction as they brushed conflicts aside. This was not forever. They were drinking on the ecstasy of love and togetherness. Since years she felt like a complete person. And that brought out the smiles. Wicked ones. Random ones. The one when she was collecting water from the cooler. The one when she saw his childhood photo. The one when she was dreaming while in an office meeting. She was happy.

Ah this wont do. Drat it. Sunday too. No work to get lost in. She let out a string of curses and wondered why she never thought of a mini bar at home.

The phone buzzed with new message. It was him.
"Are you ok?" it said. This made her smile. He was forever caring.

"Yeah. I am ok. :)"
She pushed the send button and then the tears started.


Karan said...

That was engaging. Factual, fiction? Hope its just a creative attempt!

smalltown_girl said...

@Karan - It is :)

Toon India said...

nice story...engaging ..very taut description

Satinder S. Panesar said...

Perhaps this is what lacks in today's gen. i.e. Commitment.

Lets take a look at this perspective, would they have been committed to each other, they would have overcome all the hurdles and would have lived happily.

It's not easy to move on esp. when you had a Love relationship. You cant even forget 1 moment of happiness that any person had given you thru out your life, imagine how difficult it will be for that person to forget ALL those beautiful and happy moments which they had shared.

brokendreamz.... said...
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Anonymous said...
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Rudra. said...

Nice. :)

Totally fictional :)

smalltown_girl said...

it is! :O