Thursday, April 05, 2012

Time Of My Life

So, today I wore a saari. What's the big deal huh? Except that I believe it's a pretty dress disguised as a trap for efficient women, designed by a male chauvinist just for the purpose of torturing us. But it's pretty and I love the feeling while I wear it. I feel like a woman.
But I never find time to put this on. In between my late wakeup, morning bed-reading, then a rushed morning cleanup and running to the canteen, I never get time to put the aforementioned contraption on.
Then something happened yesterday.
I forgot my mobile charger in office.
Yeah. Can you believe that!
No way to charge my beloved Live. No way to read books. Or play games. Or call anyone. Or text. I agree that androids are at the top of the gadget world, but without a charger, it's like carrying a paper weight.
So morning came.
There she is! Miss.Smalltown-sree, without a gadget. And not knowing what to do in the morning after waking up.
I went stir-crazy.
Then I got up, took a long bath, and put on a SAARI. Took time and patience to look good in that.
And I got to canteen 20 minutes early.
And to work 10 minutes early. And not like my usual 5 minutes late.

Lesson learned: Take out the gadgets from your hand and minds and life, and you'd be surprised at what you have time for.

Real life after lesson : Thought in morning---> I am so going to blog this! In the blogger app on my frikkin amazing android!!
So, yeah.

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