Thursday, January 01, 2015

Since 3 and half years i was living this fairly independent life where i am not in touch with my past much, except my immediate family and closest of friends. I made new acquaintances and friends here. They regard me mostly as an adult, boring, confident and boorish. The whole package.

My not-so-immediate friend from college, Ayshu, recently joined where i work. Not with me, but we share the campus. I was ecstatic when i saw her. She was too. We hugged, talked, had a coffee together, she visited my office.. She is a nce girl from my college days. So it was genuinely a pleasure to connect.

Last week, one day, we met in canteen for lunch. She immediately smiled at me and came to sit with me with her work friend. We were having this talk about inanity of life, suddenly she looked at me disapprovingly, mildly slapped my leg, and said, "Sree, don't shake your leg. Honestly, unchanged since college.".

I was shocked would be an understatement. Here I was, doing my independent girl in the big bad city thing, and she made me the bumbling, unfocused, silly college girl with just a few words.

After a while, I loved it.

Its always nice to have people from the past who still see you past all your fa├žade, but only in the most loving ways. It took me back to a day i had long forgotten and made me realise that ill always be that girl to a few people and it is not the end of the world. And that girl is in me, not lost or forgotten, she is just happy for the now-me, not resentful, but wholeheartedly supportive.

Like Ayshu will be for me, always. 

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