Saturday, December 13, 2014

Someone wrote this to me a long time ago. It is still one of the most beautiful conversation i ever had.

It was me who took chance out of nowhere, I took step forward to set up a relation which was never on cards. She was least interested at me, like am now, so I got all those heartaches etc etc.
Then came you,we were never in love, hell we never needed love. We were the good chat buds.
It somehow filled the spaces in my heart created in past few months.
Then out of no where she realised my importance,may be she thought of me as granted before and can see it slipping then..
So we tried it again, to keep her heart. I tried to be nice and she tried to like me. But things never came to that first step again. It was like you blocked the way in many ways, except love.
But after you  I never needed her.
So if you ask me you came in way?
I would say yes.

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