Saturday, November 15, 2014

If anyone is around, i know that it has been a long time.
I am sorry for that.
I have half blame on the computer, with the non functioning keys and whatnot.
But the rest lies squarely on me.

Short Recap:
  • Still single. More happy to be so. 
  • Earns better now. Happy on the work front. Kudos to everyone who was with me during the jobless phase.
  • Self sufficient. I travelled to Mumbai and back from coimbatore. On a plane. (First time, ermagaaad! (Is ermagaad still in?)) Roamed Mumbai alone, and was really really feeling great about myself.
  • The family is more respectful i think now, about my wishes. Or may be they realised i have that thick a head now.
  • New Computer alert YAYYYY!!! Ehm. Yeah. 
  • New BLOG ALERT YAYYYY!!1!!  Its my professional (kinda) blog. Getting loads of spam. Support?
  • Going to be more regular. Hopefully.
See you Loves!
NB: The one direction thing still stands. Dammit. I even have a tumblr. And you are not getting that link. Its THAT embarrassing. 

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