Monday, November 17, 2014

Dear Friend

When you came to me, you were such a young babe. Shiny and majestic, i still remember the first time i saw you. My hands trembled as i touched you the first time. I was in awe. I was in love.

You've been in my life through thick and thin.. Of my unsure early 20s loneliness... My late 20s self findings.. My connection to some fascinating people.. My tool to vent.. My entertainment console..

When androids came, i may have avoided you a bit.. It was light and easy to manoeuvre and i am so lazy, you know?

You withered, Your face got marks, your sound grew hoarse, your keys got stuck and dysfunctional..

Finally im resting you. but not forgetting what you gave me when we were together. I'm still half in awe and half in love with you. I cried.

Rest well, my Love.

A tiny part of myself would forever be yours alone.


Saturday, November 15, 2014

If anyone is around, i know that it has been a long time.
I am sorry for that.
I have half blame on the computer, with the non functioning keys and whatnot.
But the rest lies squarely on me.

Short Recap:
  • Still single. More happy to be so. 
  • Earns better now. Happy on the work front. Kudos to everyone who was with me during the jobless phase.
  • Self sufficient. I travelled to Mumbai and back from coimbatore. On a plane. (First time, ermagaaad! (Is ermagaad still in?)) Roamed Mumbai alone, and was really really feeling great about myself.
  • The family is more respectful i think now, about my wishes. Or may be they realised i have that thick a head now.
  • New Computer alert YAYYYY!!! Ehm. Yeah. 
  • New BLOG ALERT YAYYYY!!1!!  Its my professional (kinda) blog. Getting loads of spam. Support?
  • Going to be more regular. Hopefully.
See you Loves!
NB: The one direction thing still stands. Dammit. I even have a tumblr. And you are not getting that link. Its THAT embarrassing.