Thursday, August 08, 2013

The return of the jedi

Its been a long time.

I never anticipated that a day would come when i wouldn't blog. it was such an integal part of my life. thinking of how-to-blog-this as soon as something happend and wondering about my indiblogger rank or comments i might have got... that was my life two years ago. and you guys as well. 
If someone has told the two-years-ago me that 'there would be no more blogging missy!', i would have burst. 
Apparently that has passed. 

Something happend recently.

You know that there is a website called the blogbook? that helped me download my entire blog as a book. when i got it, it was like holding my own child. honest to god not exaggerating. my three years' labour. my precious! 

Then i realized that i dont have anything to show for the last two years and to show for how exciting/sad/funny/excruciating/miserable/luminous it was. it was like missing my memories. alzhimers, but less painful obviously.
I hope to start again. 
Here is crossing fingers.